Create a Business
that Loves You Back

30-Day Transformation Programs (Clear out the baggage & step into confident and bold action)

6-Month Mindful Entrepreneur Growth Accelerator (MEGA).

Mindset Mastery and Solid Strategy based on your authentic value empower you to create a business that intentionally leads to:

 Time Freedom Financial Freedom ✓  Impact

Are you ready to stop struggling and to hit your stride as an entrepreneur?

Create a Business
that Loves You Back

30-Day Business Transformation
& Business Owner Transformation
(Clear out the baggage & step into
confident and bold action)

Take-Action based on your authentic strengths & value become empowered to create a business that intentionally leads to real results:

✓  Time Freedom

✓ Financial Freedom

✓  Impact

Are you ready to stop struggling and to hit your stride as an entrepreneur?

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Action & Rapid Results

Beyond Theory - personalized coaching you implement as you transform.

Powerful Paradigms

Beat imposter syndrome and anxiety. Power up your mindset with confidence.

Impact not Burnout

Define your authentic vision, set clear boundaries, attract clients you are excited to work with.

Flourish in Business and Life

Entrepreneurship can be your greatest personal development project - it lets you unlock your potential and ripples into all aspects of your life.

For this to be true though, it is essential that you master the skills and practices of the Mindful Entrepreneur or your business will consume you rather than fill you up.

When you employ the MEGA Framework you
leverage 10 facets of success that let you
actually work smarter not harder
(- in fact you will free up time!)
as you step into confidence, power positioning and strategy to
stand out in the market and attract GREAT clients.

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4 Lessons

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch Ultimate Formula Mini-Course The ultimate formula to share your business in a way that makes people say, “Tell…

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4 Lessons

Solid Decisions – no Second-Guessing

Stop wasting time and energy, stop procrastinating and build energy and velocity into you life! Starting today, embrace a solid…

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23 Lessons

LAUNCH into Entrepreneurship

A blend of marketing, motivation and empowerment as we build your bold, authentic business model that allows you to capture…

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7 Lessons

Quantum Leap Your Business – mini-course

Power past your plateau and Quantum Leap into your bigger vision, today.  

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Create Impact
with Your Business

Picture of Cher Cunningham

Cher Cunningham

Master NLP Business Coach

Determine exactly what your market is looking for
and how to serve them.

Your best client. Your best offer.
Your best funnel. Your best process.

Become a recognized expert and
competition proof your business.

Clear out the baggage, learn how to reframe your limiting beliefs and serve from a position of empowerment, confidence, poise, charisma, and your authentic vision.

Backward engineer that vision into concrete goals, landmarks and tiny habits that move you forward automagically.

Discover a sustainable business model that has you working only with those clients you are excited to serve. 

Standing in your authentic value with a clear blueprint for success that leads you forward. Each step is a step forward into your core strengths.

Client Success Stories

"Cher Cunningham brings a powerful trio of capabilities to bear on her clients. Knowledge – she knows how the biological and neurological mechanisms of the brain impact success; Insight - she provides “direct line of insight” linking her client’s identified goals and challenges to those mechanisms; Application – knowing and seeing are not enough - Cher guides application of the knowledge and insight to achieve the desired results. A lot of aha moments are experienced. You will benefit from speaking with Cher."
Jim Pelot CPA , CA
Podium Prosperity
“I’ve been in sales for years…. and I am super excited actually to get back out on Monday and put some of these things in practice. I am also really excited about using my new-found skills in dealing with objections and reframing conversations…. delving into deeper conversations with prospects on what their pain is, what their problems are, really digging deep and finding out what that is so that I can do a much better job of showing how I can be of service to them. I think this is going to have a significant impact on my close rate.”
Leslie Varsava
Best Version Media
"In business, you need both the right mindset and a reality-based strategy. One without the other will feel like you're constantly hitting a wall and wondering if you should go work for someone else. Business coaching with Cher addresses both sides of the equation so that you're focused and energized without being overwhelmed and fearful. Cher helps identify your imagined internal barriers and actual business challenges. She uses science-based tools and strategies to help clear the past and move you into your future. Cher is the real deal. She is an integral piece in launching and growing my new business. Thanks for your expertise, wisdom and guidance, Cher!"
Fran Kruse
SideKick Creative
"I have attended Cher's workshop on the sales conversation and it was incredibly amazing...I can't say enough good things about Cher and the coaching that she provides...she is gifted and actually gets results for her clients. Highly recommend."
Elayne Whitfield

Are you ready to Stop Struggling and Start Flourishing?

Mindfulness is an essential part of flourishing as an entrepreneur.

You wear many hats in your business. Switching from hat to hat with ease, confidence and poise
requires the calmness of mind and strength that is created physiologically in your brain
through an ongoing formal practice of Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs.