30-Day Transformation Programs

30-Day Transformation Programs

Like Physiotherapy for your Brain

When imposter syndrome, anxiety, procrastination or phone phobias show up, it can feel like such an insurmountable challenge…

You can feel stuck.

But in reality, these are some of the fastest and most profound rapid transformations that I work with clients on!
We identify the “programming” that is getting in the way of your brilliance, then we design together how you want to behave (including the emotions you want to experience) instead.

Then we “install” the new programming at the unconscious level to that it becomes easy and automatic… your natural way of being. Why is this so easy and fast? because it truly is your natural way of being. Anything else is false limits and baggage!

All of this in 3 to 4 sessions using coaching, light hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and future-self engineering.

Let’s get those “bold & brilliant” muscles moving again!

Explore the program that is right for you:

Transform from doubt, delay and imposter syndrome into confidence, focus and Power Positioning. Clears out 10 aspects of imposter syndrome while identifying authentic self strengths.
Like a spa for your nervous syndrome, learn how to reset your stress level, access a state of calm and poised - an "I've got this!" attitude.
Concrete and powerful tools you use anywhere, any time.
Discover your unique sources of motivation, reprogram procrastination and design an environment of achievement.
Master your calendar and set real boundaries on your time to get more done in less time.