5 Ways Your Childhood is Getting in the Way of Your Success - Today.

If you’ve been wondering why you’re struggling so hard to step into your authority as an entrepreneur and create the success you envision, here’s the secret reason: a lot of the rules you are unconsciously living by… were designed by a small child!

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Our first 7 years are when our brains are wiring our experiences into meaning, forging a base of understanding and turning that understanding into rigid rules as to who we’re supposed to be and how we’re supposed to live.

That basic childhood program, a program you never consciously created, tells your brain:

  • what to notice in the world
  • what opportunities to pursue
  • your worth and power
  • your ability to grow and change and achieve
  • how make decisions
  • what feels safe

It basically runs the show.

And it’s still running in your life today. The good news is, once you start to see it, you can start to consciously change it.

There are a lot of ways our childhood experiences can create programming that hinders us. Most of these come in the context of our parents and our teachers.
We’re going to touch on the five biggest offenders:

  1. Gold Star Syndrome
  2. Perfectionism
  3. Fear of Asking for Help
  4. The Permission Paradigm
  5. Fear of Failure

In each of these, we will uncover how to begin to resource yourself in these areas, and start to reprogram those old childhood behaviours and beliefs to better match the bold and brilliant “you” that you’ve grown up to be! Sound good? Let’s go.