A Business that Loves you Back

Healthy Business, Healthy YOU

Business health is not all about whether your business is healthy. It is far more holistic than that. A sustainable business needs you; you need to be energized, motivated, excited, focused, visionary – you need to be sustainable too!

An unhealthy business leads to entrepreneurial burnout and depression. Practices that may seem like “great customer service”, “hustle” and “drive” can easily expand into real problems.

A healthy business springs from intention and is made up of choices that have you putting boundaries on your time and activities so that your business fills you up instead of consuming you. (Call me to talk about the 10 Choices Every Entrepreneur Must Make – but may not even know they can!)

What are some signs that your business relationship is becoming toxic? Look no further than these six questions: 

  • Who owns your time?
  • How fired up are you these days?
  • How fulfilling is your business?
  • How much freedom does your business create for you? (time and financial freedom)
  • How secure are you as you look at the year ahead?
  • How energized are you by your business?

Dig in deeper to this infographic and explore how you can make (sometimes tiny) changes that will make both you and your business healthier.

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