LAUNCH into Entrepreneurship

A blend of marketing, motivation and empowerment as we build your bold, authentic business model that allows you to capture attention, attract your avatar and have real impact – while still having a life, boundaries and fun.

If you have been struggling with moving your business forward, let’s add logic and action to your passion, have you standing in confidence and building motivation and motion!

Let’s build your new stories together, in a DIY program thatyou can do at your own pace. It includes powerful ideas, insight, workshops, worksheets, and resources. I will share with you some of my favourite resources, processes and scripts, help you hone your positioning and marketing, and build out your strategies for the coming year.

You will build a blueprint of your path forward that is clear, inspiring and logical. (I know logical doesn’t sound sexy but it sure makes taking the next step easier!)

In business, you need both the right mindset and a reality-based strategy. One without the other will feel like you're constantly hitting a wall and wondering if you should go work for someone else. Business coaching with Cher addresses both sides of the equation so that you're focused and energized without being overwhelmed and fearful. Cher helps identify your imagined internal barriers and actual business challenges. She uses science-based tools and strategies to help clear the past and move you into your future. Cher is the real deal. She is an integral piece in launching and growing my new business.
Fran Kruse
SideKick Creative - copywriting

Start with Strengths

Standing in your Genius Zone is where ease and fun appear. The Pareto Principle – or 80/20 rule when fully applied tells us that 4% of your activities lead to 64% of your results.

Let’s identify your Genius Zone so that every step forward is a step into strength. Your strengths are the source of your “why”, “how”, and “what”.

We will work from here to create your Impact. Impact planning revolves around identifying your vision, mapping out goals and time blocking your schedule so that those highest priorities get done. This is where momentum is achieved – using your strengths in a deliberate fashion.

We will explore how your business model can be designed to create the business you will love in a sustainable, and scaleable, fashion.

I just have to let you know that your session on Creating Your Elevator pitch was a game changer.  I have struggled for years to articulate the answer to the questions “so, what do you do?”. That session was pivotal in transforming how I introduce myself, my company and products. In fact, it was so effective I went to a Networking event a couple of weeks after the session and used my new elevator pitch for my introduction. To my astonishment there was applause after it and many people connected for cards, catalogues, and to learn more.
Kathie Carr

12 Week Sprint

As we explore mastering your time, you will set up a year (or more) of achievement to achieve in 12 weeks with fun and energizing actions.

  1. Vision – from your strengths!
  2. Powerful, Measurable Goals
  3. Landmarks
  4. New Habits
  5. Bold Connections

What drives that Sprint? Marketing and Sales!

Marketing and Sales

Your best client, best package, best process, highest impact – it all comes together in your own Business Building processes.

  1. Vision – Avatar
  2. Client Attraction – Velvet Rope Process
  3. Delighted Client Process – your client journey step by step
  4. Your funnel
  5. Website and Social Strategy
  6. Conversational Sales
  7. Networking Magic
Cher's precise set of skill-set led me to relearn self-trust. She gave me a tool to immediately, calm my energy and ground myself when I am feeling overwhelmed. She taught me to place boundaries on my time, energy and money, so as not to feel guilty when I say no! These, plus many more tools and teachings led me down a pathway to allow self-respect, allow dreams for myself, allow light back into my life! The process doesn't stop after working with Cher either. The neural Pathways in the brain keep changing, becoming deeper and permanent. What Cher changed to possibilities, gradually became realities! Now I have more happiness, more energy, positivity, I'm more engaged in life, my passions and my professional life have taken off! I have clarity in my personal goals and professional goals.
Jennifer Thompson

Getting Support

With any program, the real magic is simply having a system to follow, commitment to the process and dedicating the time to “do the doing”. 

What gets in the way? Life, lesser goals, “good enough”, limiting beliefs and baggage, bad habits – or just a lack of good habits.

If you are part way in and your motivation lags, reach out to me to see what we can do together to reach that brilliant future intentionally.

Cher Cunningham brings a powerful trio of capabilities to bear on her clients. Knowledge – she knows how the biological and neurological mechanisms of the brain impact success; Insight - she provides “direct line of insight” linking her client’s identified goals and challenges to those mechanisms; Application – knowing and seeing are not enough - Cher guides application of the knowledge and insight to achieve the desired results.
Jim Pelot

Mindful Entrepreneurship Practice

I strongly advise that you register for this separate online course that you will follow and establish a formal practice of Mindful Meditation in your day. This is essential to poise, calm, play, joy, confidence, sense of self, inner power and charisma.

This program starts on day one. While you may wonder how you will find the time to add this to your day, you will be blown away by what it adds to your day. When you are calm, focused and engaged, work flows easily and efficiently, saving you time and energy for other things.

You will learn and use NLP and Hypnosis during the course – tools for better communication and emotional mastery. 

I’ve been working with Cher for about 3 months and not only has her coaching changed my perception on life but also how I operate in my business daily. If you feel you’ve hit a plateau or are suffering in your business whether it’s sales or The vision of your business then stop what you're doing and call Cher right now. You won’t be disappointed!
Norbert Lengyel
Allair Homes

Find out if This is the Right Program for You

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Cher is incredibly talented at combining business coaching and strategy, with mindset and life skills. She is a master at helping to reduce stress and anxiety and increasing productivity.
Patricia McCallum
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Course Includes

  • 23 Lessons