Age Friendly Resources

Local Age-Friendly Resources:

Invitations for October 14th: Download here

Age Friendly Indicators Worksheet: Download here

Compiled Needs by Municipality: Download here

Town of Midland Age Friendly Plan:  LINK

Tiny Township Age Friendly Plan:  Download here

Tay Township Age Friendly Plan: LINK

Penetanguishene: LINK

Simcoe County Resources:  LINK

Age Friendly Ontario 

Age Friendly Communities: LINK

AFC Outreach Program Welcome Pack: Download here

Age Friendly Planning Guide for Communities and Municipalities: Download here

Resources for setting goals:

Age-Friendly Planning Toolkit:

Here are a few documents that can help with the selection of indicators:

World Health Organization (WHO), 2015:

Measuring the Age-friendliness of Cities: A Guide to Using Core Indicators

WHO Age Friendly Cities: Checklist

Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), 2015:

Age-Friendly Communities Evaluation Guide: Using Indicators to Measure Progress

Note, your ideal indicator might not be available or possible to obtain e.g. data might not be available at your community level or not available for the time frame you are interested in. As well, when selecting indicators, consider using your stakeholders and the ‘SMART’ criteria.

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