Congratulations on deciding to clear out the baggage of the past and step into bold and brilliant you!

Here is your pdf: 5-Ways-Your-Childhood-is-Standing-in-Way-of-Your-Biz-Success.pdf

Here is the Limiting Belief Journal mentioned in the pdf: Journal
Uncovering hidden limits and faulty rules we are living can be tricky – one of my superhero skills is hearing the lies that you are living as if true. Anything that takes you away from your vision – that’s the richest source of rooting out false limits!

Master your emotions with this almost magical Mindfulness Exercise: RAIN (+LAS)
This is a classic – with some NLP added to build in a powerful reframe.

There are so many ways that hypnosis can help you recover Bold & Brilliant – in fact hypnosis is the key to reprogramming those old beliefs, re-parenting that inner child, and rewriting those “rules” that are holding you back.

Discovering that you can reprogram how you feel about something – such as cold calls, or even warm calls! – can open up to you the realization that you truly can heal the past, even though you cannot change it.

Revisiting a past memory and re-framing it and reclaiming what you lost back then actually changes that memory and empowers your authentic identity.

And you can trust your unconscious mind to know exactly what needs reframing, healing, recovering – just take a journey into the archives… of your personal library. I love this one!

You can choose from any of these hypnosis tracks – I am not privy to which of the 5 Ways resonated strongest with you… so you choose! Go work through the workbook and then come back and select which hypnosis you would like to try. (You can try all 3 – I am not peeking 🙂 )

  1. Cold Call (Phoning) Confidence.
  2. Recover those hidden resources (they are still inside you) through the Library Journey
  3. One last one – when you have found those Limiting Beliefs – the false limits that take you away from your vision – reprogram them with this script. Limiting Belief Re-framer