James Lam – Superhero YOU

In this episode – I am pleased to introduce you to James Lam from Look Ahead Marketing.

James helps entrepreneurs create marketing that aligns with you – your superhero strengths, your differentiating factor, your passion, the way you want to market – to whom you want to market.

Do what you’re amazing at, implement a marketing plan that works in that power, and create the best ever product because… YOU MATTER.


6 Truth Bombs to power up your inner superhero entrepreneur:


Take the 5-Day Journey with James: Sign up for free here.

5 Transformations to Bring YOU (and your first $100K) to your Super Business

You see, James has worked with hundreds of heart-centered entrepreneurs before and your 100K is for sure the hardest! The 5-day journey is 100% free and has a TON of value for you to help YOU get your amazing message out to the world.

This is what you’re leaving with: you’re going to have 5 powerful and tangible actions to level both you and your amazing business up, putting you that much closer to your goal

  1. Find out what the TRUE potential of your business is!
  2. Take concrete steps to ROCK what makes YOU unique.
  3. Discover how the people you THINK are your customers actually aren’t, and where you can find your TRUE fans.
  4. Breaking the blocks between YOU and YOUR SUCCESS, so that you can be outrageously successful.
  5. Dramatically shorten the time frame to #winning in business on your terms!

So come join James – it’s free and it’s happening July 19 – 23. It’s specifically geared to those heart-centered entrepreneurs who have an amazing message to get out to the world, but can’t seem to do it.

I’d love to see you there! Sign up for free here.

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