Know your Limits… and Change Them

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False Limits

Some limiting beliefs, you consciously know are downright lies – but somehow you still behave as though they are true.
Others you believe are true and are not even aware that they are lies!

Ready to hunt them down AND eliminate them? Let’s make a shopping list of baggage to eliminate – starting right now.

What is a Limiting Belief – aka Limiting Decision?

I had a great conversation with a prospect last week about what gets in the way of our bold, impactful goals. I shared with her that all limits are either Limiting Beliefs or Logistical Challenges. The real trick is finding them because cleaning them up is easy!

A limiting belief is actually a decision you made, usually when you were very young, that created a rule to keep you safe. Safe from embarrassment, rejection. Safe from being bold or trying new things. Hmm – safe and entrepreneur really don’t go together, do they?

Limiting beliefs can be pretty sneaky – disguising themselves as “just they way I am” or “that’s the way life is”. In fact, some of the most difficult problems to get rid of are those we think are your personality! That can make it really hard to recognize your own limiting beliefs – but it is surprisingly easy to route them out in our friends, family and clients. We say: “you can do anything!” and “that’s not true, you are brilliant!” easily and effortlessly for them, right?

So how do you find them? Once you get some practice, they are pretty easy to find. Generally it is easier to find them in conversation – a coaching conversation helps uncover those Limiting Beliefs that have been holding you back so that you can bring them to conscious awareness. Until you are aware of them you are “subject to them” awareness allows you to “objectively manage them”. Did you know about 95% of ALL of your actions each day are unconscious?! 

Where do we start with unearthing these little beasts? With an unmet goal!

If you have a goal you care about – that resonates with your vision and purpose but you are not getting any traction on it – this is a fabulous place to start. 

Step one: Write down that goal.

Step two: Ask yourself the following questions:

  1.  Why don’t you already have this result?
  2. And why else?
  3. And why else?
  4. And why… you get it – be like a dog with a bone and unearth all of the “reasons”
Step three: Evaluate. 
Which of those “reasons” are actually excuses? It can be very helpful to have someone else evaluating these with you. That outside perspective can see your blindspots…. there is a reason they are called blindspots.
Which can you easily tackle by learning a new skill, reaching out for help, sharing what you want, finding an accountability partner?
Step four: Notice that ALL of your excuses are Limiting Beliefs.

I get it – it can be hard to find and recognize your own limiting beliefs. It takes dedicated time, and it often requires someone to help you find them. You need to hear yourself say your “reason” out loud sometimes to hear the lie in it – and sometimes, the expression on your partners face also helps you instantly realize it is a Limiting Belief!

That’s why I created a full experiential workshop about this! 

This two-hour interactive workshop will have you recognizing and reprogramming the lies (Limiting Beliefs) you tell yourself and live by that are holding you back. Everyone has limits and rules they live within without even realizing if – and since 95% of what we do each day is unconscious and automatic – finding and reprogramming these beliefs is incredibly powerful.

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