Dear frustrated, overwhelmed, or stuck service entrepreneur:
Business GROWTH is a process…

THIS is how to create an incredibly powerful business that launches you into the
NEXT-LEVEL & finally achieve time and financial freedom.

(so that you can really have an impact – not just in business,
but also in your family and in your community.)


…to stop saying “This is going to be my year.” and finally
make it happen in 2022.

MEGA Mastermind +



Join the top 4% of small business leaders by mastering the same mindset, skills, supports and tools they use…

MEGA Mastermind +
MEGA = Mindful Entrepreneur Growth Accelerator

… There is a reason all of those cliches became cliches!

“Work smarter, not harder.”

“What got you here, won’t get you there.”

“Stop working IN the business and start working ON the business.”

“Profit first – or you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.”

The problem is, these are all obviously true… and also meaningless. They lead to questions instead of answers… 

What does Work Smarter mean for me, today, in my particular situation?

What needs to change and how in order to Get There? And where exactly is THERE!?

I have the revenue, why is my take-home pay lower than my employees’?

How can I work ON my business when my time is eaten up by dealing with clients, putting out fires, dealing with the growth I do have? where do I find the time? the energy? 

But what it all comes down to is the stark reality that growing a business to the next level is a big disruption. It requires that your mindset change, your business model change, your team change. These changes need to be engineered, strategic and intentional or that growth that is so exciting? It can start to feel like maybe you’re failing. You know they provide excellent service, that the opportunity for growth is right there, but…

Somehow, it feels like one step forward and two steps back.

It can feel a little like you’re throwing yourself against a brick wall as you struggle to achieve the success you know your business is capable of achieving. 

We’re sold the promise that if we work hard enough, push hard enough, we’ll break through and find success waiting for us on the other side. 

What if I Told You…

That the Headstrong “Push Through It”, Work Harder, Give 100%, Over-Deliver Mindset That’s Been Drilled Into Your Head Since Childhood is Actually Your BIGGEST BARRIER to Success?

No, seriously. Hear me out.

That mentality is a powerful place of productivity… if you are an employee.

But as our business grows it is the opposite of what will bring you next-level success…

  1. From this place we tell ourselves that we just have to keep going, that it will all sort itself out.
  2. That success comes from persistence and commitment – so we keep pushing… and then we keep ourselves over-worked and exhausted.
  3. That all we have to do is keep going, keep working harder… even though we know we’re already giving it our all and still falling behind.

MEGA Mastermind + is engineered for
your IMPACT.

Unlock your potential and activate the 4 Levers that will take you to the next level: 

  • Double-down on your greatest value,
  • Do the deep inner work and discover powerful confidence,
  • Position yourself to be the go-to business for your solution,
  • Gain the communication and leadership skills to make it happen,
  • Peer to peer coaching and mentoring,
  • Powerful focus on a 10x vision,
  • Provide concrete results—because metrics matter,
  • Be mindful wherever you are – at work, with kids show up and be present – be alive!
  • Connect with the power partners that create inspiration, accountability and encouragement to gain momentum and make the leap.

Reaching your Next-Level will require some significant shifts in paradigms and business model so that you break through instead of breaking down.

The good news is, making this quantum leap—going from you to you2 as Price Pritchett would say—means accomplishing far more, in less time, with less effort than you’ve been giving.

This 6-month-long deep coaching program is engineered to elevate and accelerate. What if you could achieve your 3-year vision in 2022? With less work, more fun, more energy and excitement, more FLOW, more skill, more clarity, and more support?

I understand how it feels to give so much…
and still not win.

I have been in that place, feeling like I was pouring my heart and soul into my business – every moment of time and every iota of energy – seeing the opportunity but not quite grasping it. Or at least it felt that way to me. Other people thought I was doing great, but inside… I felt like a failure. I knew I had not reached my potential let alone  hit my stride!

But entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a struggle. Entrepreneurship can be a gateway to massive growth – financially, personally, and in your lifestyle.

In fact as your business Grows Up, it demands that you do too. 

Your Secret Weapon will be Intention

Becoming an extraordinary business leader
is one thing.

Being surrounded by them is another.

This is your invitation to join this curated group (maximum of 12 people) working together to hit next-level.

Your secret weapon will be intention. 

In order to grow, you need to create intentional actions and relationships. 

My Coaching 

My coaching is not from a template. And it is not for everyone. 

What I do is highly personalized. 

I will help you re-discover your passion, and build a compelling vision that includes family, friends, purpose, mission, and impact in your community so that your business is not your life – it empowers your life.

My Promises 

I will not PROMISE you success—that’s out of my control. But, I will promise to help you see that it is totally within your control. 

I will help you clear out the roadblocks, the bottlenecks and baggage that have been in the way.

I will help you discover resources you already have, and new resources you can intentionally connect to, that will help you stay focused, stay confident and stay on course.


This is a hybrid program that delivers transformation from day one and then will follow you through 4 phases to provide powerful support:

Phase 1: Benchmark and Visioning (1-to-1 Coaching, Zoom or In-Person, asap)

Benchmark and set your path in 2 two-hour coaching sessions with Cher.

We’ll clarify your vision, deepest desires and (im)possible goals. We’ll zero in on any obstacles that might be stopping you or slowing you down and begin the process of identifying what makes YOU feel fully alive. We will identify your unique gifts and strengths and bring them to the forefront of your life. 

Map out where you are now, where you want to go, what is needed to get there, and what is standing in your way. This will start to transform your results on day 1 because deciding to intentionally design where you are going… is ALL mindset.

Let’s create your personal map to business success.

Phase 2: 1-Week Leadership Training (Group coaching and online course)

We start off by laying the foundation – equipping you with next level mindset, communication and leadership skills that will help you succeed in this program as well as in business and life.

Full Business-Owner-Mindset breakthrough during the program as you discover how to easily re-frame and reprogram stuck perspectives and strategies for yourself and others.

You will come out of this 7-day intensive training and certification program with advanced communication and persuasion skills that elite leaders use to build agreement, achieve impact, and create change.

This week will empower you and equip you to be a powerful member of the mastermind, team member, board member, manager, visionary leader, mentor.

You will also quiet the monkey-mind, conquer doubt and imposter syndrome, gain confidence and competence and start building deep supportive relationships and accountability with the team you will be coaching and masterminding with.

Pre-study MP3s will be sent in December to help you install the core skills and concepts in advance and keep as a review to deepen your knowledge.

*Training includes certification (and the opportunity to be board designated) as an NLP Coach, NLP Mentor, and Hypnotist.

Phase 3: 6Weeks of Strategy Coaching (Group, Online6 weeks of group coaching to help you apply next-level thinking, positioning, business model, focus, and goals to your business.
Learn and set the 10 critical business boundaries that are essential to achieving your next-level in a sustainable way.

Access your natural business strengths and decision making skills through weekly mindfulness and hypnosis tracks.

Phase 4: 13-Week Momentum Mastermind (Online – Zoom)

Small group – maximum of 6 people

Achieve momentum through a 3 month mastermind as you apply strategies and take bold & brilliant action. Your own external board of directors and a place for encouragement, inspiration and accountability.

The Mastermind will help you stay focused on what really counts — making a massive impact in your business while doubling your time off and adding weeks of vacation to your year.

You will leverage the power of powerful peers to help you dream bigger, connect with power partners that make your (im)possible goals easily within reach, and take bold action on your brilliant vision.

Facilitated Bi-weekly 90 minute mastermind sessions in small groups.

BONUS: 4 Optional VIP Days (In-Person throughout the full year)

Throughout the year you will be invited to 4 VIP days to dive deeper into coaching, mentorship, mindfulness, conversational sales, and leadership.

  • Discover the science of goal achievement
  • Finally understand how to work smarter instead of harder
  • Build beyond the vision board
  • Master the communication arts of 
    • deep coaching, 
    • mentoring, 
    • sales, and 
    • negotiation.
  • Program your confidence-on-demand mindset of next-level business owners 

BONUS: Laser Coaching (Zoom or Phone throughout the year)

Ongoing rapid results coaching with Cher to conquer challenges and grab opportunities as they arise continues through the year.

Starting to think this is the right fit for you now?

What happens next is easy and fun. Fill out the application form so we can start to discover if this really is for you.

This qualifies you to take the next step and take advantage of my special Vision and Goal Engineering program that includes two deep coaching sessions that explore where you are now, where you want to be and what is standing in your way as we design a concrete path forward to your exponential success.

As soon as you send in the fully completed form, you will be able go book in your first of the two deep coaching sessions. 



When you’re in that space of “I have to win” “I have to figure this out” “I can’t fail” “I refuse to fail” you are telling yourself all the wrong things… and most importantly, you are asking yourself all the wrong questions.

When we aren’t able to ask ourselves those quality questions – the ones that lead to creative solutions and big insights, we’re stuck exactly where we are, making the same mistakes over and over – and often not even noticing that we are! In effect, all of your efforts can end up distracting you from the actual solution and the real win.

And we can’t go ANYWHERE new until we start looking at things in new ways. Let’s throw it into a map metaphor…

Our map consists of all of the landmarks and scenery that we don’t filter out – and we filter out an awful lot of stuff. When you are in survival mode – your landmarks are all of the dangers you perceive and your map is all about avoiding those dangers…. not about finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but rather, avoiding the chasm, not getting crushed by that glacier over there, and looking out for quicksand. The good stuff doesn’t even get to make it to your map when you are in survival mode!

If your map (perspective) is wrong… it will never help you get where you want to go. You will keep struggling over all the same things. You will keep striving for clients you can’t find, or who aren’t giving you fulfilling and profitable work. You will keep asking yourself the same questions.

You need a new map (of the same territory!).

Let’s be clear: is hard work important? YES! I’m all about working hard and putting in the time and effort. On the right things. With the right map.

Because here’s the real secret…

Following through on strategy is important (I looove strategy)…

But it’s ONLY 50% of the equation.  Mindset eats Strategy for breakfast – you need the mindset, the support, to be surrounded by people who inspire you and challenge you to reach your goals and unlock your potential.

The inner game of success is about hacking your brain, so you can hack your business (and your life).


  • Approach problems in your business with a sense of calm confidence100% certain you could handle it

  • Rely on a steady flow of AMAZING clients, knowing that you are using the right strategies in the right ways

  • Know your value and worth, and express them to potential clients with clarity and poise

  • Wake up every morning knowing exactly what steps you will take that day, to push your business toward ever-greater growth

  • Stop worrying about what the naysayers in your life think, and instead focus on continuing to show them how wrong they always were
  • Tap easily into creativity, problem solving, and flow to become more productive than ever

  • Find yourself with the time and energy you crave, so that you can show up for your business… and your life

  • Have a clear and achievable plan that guides all your goals and actions in your business, and that gives you confidence instead of self-doubt

  • Face each day with the knowledge that you are playing your biggest, best business game, and that every piece of your vision is 100% achievable

  • Know exactly which actions are most profitable, and organize your business day around maximizing your effectiveness 

Pretty darn good, right?


"Cher Cunningham brings a powerful trio of capabilities to bear on her clients. Knowledge – she knows how the biological and neurological mechanisms of the brain impact success; Insight - she provides “direct line of insight” linking her client’s identified goals and challenges to those mechanisms; Application – knowing and seeing are not enough - Cher guides application of the knowledge and insight to achieve the desired results. A lot of aha moments are experienced. You will benefit from speaking with Cher."
Jim Pelot CPA, CA
Podium Prosperity
"In business, you need both the right mindset and a reality-based strategy. One without the other will feel like you're constantly hitting a wall and wondering if you should go work for someone else. Business coaching with Cher addresses both sides of the equation so that you're focused and energized without being overwhelmed and fearful. Cher helps identify your imagined internal barriers and actual business challenges. She uses science-based tools and strategies to help clear the past and move you into your future. Cher is the real deal. She is an integral piece in launching and growing my new business. Thanks for your expertise, wisdom and guidance, Cher!"
Fran Kruse
SideKick Creative
"Instinctively, when I met Cher by chance, I immediately committed to working with her for a year. The goal: to live my most beautiful life - one of joy, creativity, inspiration and impact. To not yet again walk away from a big investment and start all over. In a single weekend retreat, Cher helped me wipe my brain clean and install new valid perspectives. I went from seeing my choice as being an all-in/perfectionist completely absorbed in work OR nothing, to crafting a customized role that serves my strengths and is a tool to becoming the best version of me."
Leslie Varsava
Best Version Media


But Wait…


The MEGA Mastermind program is powerful on its own. We’re talking about amazing training, coaching and support that is going to get you on the mental and financial path to success! 

(The hypnosis tracks ALONE are enough to make a significant difference in the way you approach and feel about your business.) 

But I want to make sure you have everything you could possibly need to succeed, so I’m also including two INCREDIBLE bonuses, completely FREE when you join!

(Plus a third, surprise bonus! Check out the details below.)

Bonus #1

VIP DAYS – including…
VIP Day Workshop

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients tell me how much they HATE sales. If that resonates with you, then this workshop is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

I hear the skeptical entrepreneurs in the back already rolling their eyes… I get it. Fall in love with sales? Yeah right.

Sales is uncomfortable and pushy and gross, right? You got into business to serve people, didn’t you? Not to manipulate them.

That’s why I LOVE teaching this workshop! Most of my clients are introverted, heart-centered, wonderful people who reject sales tactics on principle. And they are SO right to!

All those sales tactics you hate? I don’t teach them.

The way I teach sales not only WORKS… but it’s also completely different from everything you’ve ever learned before.


  • The single most crucial thing to do in the first 5 minutes of any sales call
  • The exact steps you need to take to make the sale without using “closing” tactics that involve pushing, manipulating, or persuading
  • What “sales as service” means, and why its SO MUCH MORE than just a cute “catch phrase”
  • How to make a profit, stay in integrity, and LOVE sales
  • The #1 mindset shift that’s missing from most struggling entrepreneur’s business strategy


“Before we started working together, “I felt unstable. I felt like I wasn’t there. I wasn’t able to give 110%. I didn’t have a vision. I didn’t have a goal. You know, I didn’t have traction. I went through some serious mental struggles… not being able to, you know, be the person that I wanted to be… This was definitely a game changer for me. I’m aglow! I’m happy. I feel confident. My friends see it in me. My wife. Everybody sees it in me. And the results are showing in my business. “I have the boat. I have the project managers. I have the salary. Everything we talked about – about a year ago – has come together.”
Norbert Lengyel
Custom Home Builder
and Home Renovations at Alair Homes
"I have attended Cher's workshop on the sales conversation and it was incredibly amazing... I can't say enough good things about Cher and the coaching that she provides... she is gifted and actually gets results for her clients. Highly recommend."
Elayne Whitfield

Bonus #2


(all year long! If something hijacks you, you want to brainstorm, or you just want to celebrate your success, you are not alone)

That’s how committed I am to your success. You could finish the program and be on your way, but I want to make sure to leave the door open for the full year after you finish the program as you keep on working on implementation, and keep on seeing those massive results in your business and in your life.


Laser coaching is when we take ONE struggle or obstacle you’re facing, and blow it up… in just 15 minutes.

My client are often skeptical at first – maybe you are too? – but after their first session… they’re hooked.

See, things often expand to take as long as we let them. So, yeah, we could probably take an entire hour to work through the same problem… but we would get the same results.

Instead of wasting your time, the laser coaching sessions are designed to clear out whatever is holding you back in just 15 minutes, so that nothing gets a chance to get in the way of your momentum.

These sessions are quick and powerful. My clients LOVE them, and you will too!

Special Pay-in-Full Bonus


When you choose the Pay-in-Full investment option, you’re going to get an AMAZING bonus:

1 FREE 1-on-1 Breakthrough Coaching Program – 3-4 Sessions with me!

I am so excited to be able to offer this to everyone who pays in full. This coaching program makes a massive difference in the businesses and lives of my face-to-face clients; it is honestly transformative. I can’t offer it to everyone who takes the program (time is a limited resource!) so this deal is exclusive to pay-in-full enrollers!


The Breakthrough Coaching Session is a Master Your Mindset hypnosis intensive completely customized to YOU

In these sessions, we will:

  • Pinpoint the greatest areas of struggle for you and your business
  • Identify REAL outcomes – observable, measurable and inspiring
  • Remove the conscious and unconscious emotional baggage that’s been holding you back from reaching your potential
  • “Hack” your brain, so you come to the program 100% ready to step into your compelling and powerful future

This is ONLY for pay-in-full enrollment – so don’t miss out!


I’m so glad you asked!

If you’ve gotten this far, it’s because you’re beginning to realize that this program will help you! You’re starting to believe that you really can attain exponential success in your business and that it really can be easier – and that is fabulous!

It also means you’re ready to find out what it’s worth.

The thing is, you already know what it’s worth. You already know what the value is in being able to hit that next level and create a successful business that loves you back. You know what the lifestyle and impact of your dreams is worth.

This is a high-touch program with incredible amounts of personal support – something you won’t find in other online group coaching programs, where you’re tossed into a group of hundreds of people all hoping to get your questions answered and figure out how to make the strategies work for you.

MEGA is structured to provide maximum support – not just from me but also from the other members of your cohort.

In MEGA you get all the benefits of communication and leadership training, one-on-one coaching PLUS the peer benefits of group coaching and Mastermind.

Because of this, I only work with the most committed entrepreneurs… Those business owners who are truly ready to dive headfirst into this process and achieve incredible results and activate their potential.

I’m also committed to meeting my clients where they are. As a struggling business owner, I know that you are SO READY to succeed, and also that a steep price might be tough to meet.

That’s why The Mindful Entrepreneur Growth Accelerator program is only $9,997 CAD!

If you’re biting your lip right now, trying to figure out how you can come up with that money before the enrolment period closes… rest assured – there’s also an installment plan option. We will talk about how to make this very accessible.

In case you missed it up above, there’s also a pay-in-full bonus for those of you able to make the full investment today.

Let’s Find out if
This is a Fit for YOU!

Starting to think this is the right fit for you now? What happens next is easy and fun.

Fill out the application and submit it to

This qualifies you to take the next step and take advantage of my special vision and goal engineering program that includes two deep coaching sessions that explore where you are now, where you want to be and what is standing in your way and design a concrete path forward to your exponential success.

As soon as you send in the fully completed form you will be able to go book in your first of the two deep coaching sessions. 

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