Mindful vs Mindful Entrepreneur

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Mindful vs Mindful Entrepreneur

What’s the difference?

I am so glad you asked (by clicking on the link, lol)!

Mindfulness is becoming a more and more well recognized term, maybe not totally understood, and maybe with a variety of meanings, but the prevalence of the term mindful is growing by leaps and bounds.

Not surprising! In our stressed-out society we spend more time anxious about the future or chewing over the past, thinking about what we are going to say instead of listening deeply, reactive and running in necessity mode chasing urgency and putting out fires more and more of the time.

Only in those moments that we show up focused on… experiencing… the now are we truly alive. Able to connect and to experience joy.

Which makes those other moments very unattractive, right?

So our first term – Mindful: present in the now, focused here.

Next term, mindfulness: Mindfulness is a practice. A set of exercises that train our brain to be able to be in the now easier and easier with a set of resources that give us poise, confidence and strength.

The mindfulness practice brings our awareness back to now, over and over again as our mind wanders to planning, worry, doubt etc. We gently guide it back to now. To the feeling of now in our body, in our breath. The sense of being alive and present, right now.

The “attitudes of mindfulness” empower that moment with resourcefulness.

  • Curiosity
  • Non-judgement
  • Non-striving
  • Beginner’s mind
  • Trust (in ourselves)
  • Patience

Mindful Entrepreneur: One who is present and alive in the now while going somewhere inspiring.

The Mindful Entrepreneur intentionally builds a mindset, a model, a strategy, environment and habits to automagically real-ize (make real) a business that loves you back. Both financial freedom and time freedom in a business where you have impact and live your potential.

This includes having a personal Definition of Success – not just an income level for the year, but a vision of lifestyle, wealth and impact with specific dates and measures and a GPS that tells you you are on track.

To be Mindful as an entrepreneur is to have tools, mindset and strategy all in congruence with your passion and authentic vision. To design your time to be in flow, in harmony and overall balance.

So that, when you are working, you can be totally absorbed and in excellence. No guilt about being away from family pulling at you, distracting you.
And when you are with friends and family, you can be totally absorbed in that time, knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

There is a deliberate simplicity built in for the Mindful Entrepreneur. One that honours purpose, personal strength and a journey of personal development.

A business model built on your strengths and excellence can reject imposter syndrome, ignore shiny objects and squirrels, focus on clients you love and work less to achieve more impact.

The Mindful Entrepreneur Framework follows a 10-facet process that allows you to deliberately create this business that will love you back.

Curious what your key levers to empower this in your life are? I offer a complementary Deep Strategy Session over on my contact page – book an hour to find out how to change your life in 90 days.

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