March 2021 – MEGA – Mindful Entrepreneur Growth Accelerator






Masterclass and 1-2-1 Coaching Hybrid blends learning, application, brainstorming and accountability to ensure this is what you need to finally succeed as an entrepreneur.

Are you excellent at what you do but still struggling with the other hats in your business? You know – marketing, sales, on-boarding, referrals, articulating your value.
Are you ready to finally step out of struggle and into success with your business?

This group will challenge you to

  • Defy expectations – even your own
  • Step into your authentic and inspiring WHY
  • Turn your service into a signature PROCESS
  • Take bold ACTION
  • Assess and LEVERAGE your strength and excellence
  • Zero in on a target market of GREAT clients
  • Create your message from a POWERFUL Positioning Perspective
  • Craft your marketing FUNNEL to resonate with your Avatar
  • Define a plan for a year of committed FOCUS
  • Discover a LOVE for sales as service

12 week group coaching plus 1-2-1 laser coaching calls will deliver habits and process that lead to intentional, even logical, success in a business based on your passion and excellence.

  • A Solid Plan for your Success
    • Marketing Funnel
    • Sales skills, scripts, processes and practice
    • Delighted client process
    • Referral generation processes
  • Mindset and Behaviours of an entrepreneur (not an employee)
  • Powerful Paradigm Shifts
  • Finally deal with doubt and imposter syndrome
  • Brainstorming
  • Encouragement
  • Goal Achievement Processes
  • Accountability
  • Traction

There is an application process for this program that includes a complementary Deep Coaching service to ensure you get the most from this time and can finally put aside the struggle and create a business that loves you back.

Two programs begin in March – choose Tuesday at 12:00 or Wednesday at 3:00. Weekly live group coaching with me, on-demand videos, step-by-step workbook, unlimited 15-minute laser coaching calls.

Optional upgrade to Mindful Entrepreneur Community membership for ongoing support and momentum after program completion. Stay motivate, accountable and inspired with weekly Office Hours, mastermind, community support.


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