Scott Couchenour – Every Resurrection Begins In The Dark

Loss is often a significant defining moment in your life. A moment that starts a spiral.
What can you do to define whether you spiral up, or spiral down?
Join me in this profound conversation.
From bankrupt to breakthrough. In 2015, after 27 years of top-level leadership in a national multi-million dollar family business, Scott had to close the business and he became a 50-year-old without a career. He had to rebuild and rediscover his identity. Through trial and error, mistakes and victories, he became proficient at problem-solving and executing plans. But he recognizes he would have saved a lot of time and money if there was a guide working beside him to reach the truth quicker and with a deeper understanding. That’s why Scott is now working with great founders of organizations that are navigating to their next move.
We discuss:
Life before a loss.
Life in the wilderness.
Life after the wilderness.
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