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7-Day Challenge - one simple page

Day One: 

It all starts today! Confident and Bold is your natural state – let’s recover those today so you can BE that way on-demand! Imagine how your business (and your life) will improve when you can activate a magical day – on demand! any day that you want to. How about every day?!

I have always loved that quote: Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life. It is so true. 

First – I want to re-affirm that yes! This will work for you. And very, very fast indeed.

I have designed this challenge using brain hacking and time hacking techniques of hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) so that your transformation happens with such a tiny investment of your time each day! 30 minutes a day! 30 minutes a day to make it so that you show up Powerful, Confident and take Bold action on your bigger vision.

I am so excited to see how, just seven days from today you have stepped back into powerful and confident and are acting in ways that prove to YOU that you own the day. I am going to ask for your feedback!


Here is that homework! LINK HERE
I added a couple of bonus exercises to really get your unconscious mind involved… let’s bring that heart, mind and soul into the action!

Internalizing the learning is key to change.

This worksheet will help you take the concept of HOW you become naturally empowered and dig into the specifics – we will use these as the foundation for the next step – so take some time to dive into this before we meet again tomorrow!
Remember strengths are not your skills or your talents – your what’s – strengths are your how’s.
I have included a full page of possible strengths to get you started!

Then, activate your natural power even more by sharing it:

  • Share your top strengths in the Facebook group
    Maybe include your paragraph of why these are important for you.
  • Tell an accountability partner about your results
  • Talk to someone who knows you well – and let them ratify how true it is (they may have some other strengths they admire and value to share about you too)

Here is that homework! LINK HERE
I added a couple of bonus exercises to really get your unconscious mind involved… let’s bring that heart, mind and soul into the action!

Day Two

Here is that homework! LINK HERE

Life can change this fast.
In fact, life changes always happen this fast… 
in the paradigm shift of stepping into a new truth.
All the rest is ripples.

Yesterday was step one of our process as we build out your plan for Confident & Bold… on demand, any day or every day.
Each small piece activates your brain to install your powerful strengths into your Reticular Activating System and to
be primed by the environment you already live in and
be activated by the activities you already do.
So that, you awaken to each day naturally confident and with a bias for bold action.

Have you noticed: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Today we will employ the universe to bolster your “Confident & Bold” 🙂 and achieve that bigger vision – the something that you want.

Awareness needs to be activated.

Remember how our brains like to make things automatic and unconscious and habituated? Today’s exercises flick the switch on your awareness.

Much of our behaviour operates on autopilot in which we are not particularly aware of our existing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in the moment. Self-monitoring is an intervention… a pattern interrupt,  that can help us bring a mindful awareness to our strengths-related thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, which can, in turn, spur you into positive action.

The worksheet will build your awareness of strengths that are operating outside of awareness; link your internal strengths with behavioural action.
You may choose to chart one part of the day, or print off multiple copies and chart your full day – or perhaps part of your business day AND part of your evening.

Keep your list of top strengths in front of you for the full day as you make the connections. The results may surprise you – in fact, you can choose to make the surprising!

Day 3 - Activate

Here is that homework! LINK HERE
Go brainstorm! When you have this tool, it is easy and a judgement-free process to identify those old triggers.

Most people, most of the time are completely unaware of their strengths. They run through their day unconsciously competent. Taking for granted the strengths will be there when they show up, maybe wishing they were stronger in those times where they get triggered and struggle with doubt, delay, anxiety, imposter thoughts.

Here is the awesome news… you can be! And we start doing that here in Step 3.
This is all about becoming deliberate and do some more brain hacking:

Today we will start tying your strengths to things that used to throw you off…. when you need them most!

Those old triggers that used to hijack you get employed to lead to powerful states.
We cannot remove triggers – but we can USE them.
Wire those strengths into your toughest tasks!

Let’s start using Hebb’s Law for good : )
Today’s exercises help you intentional hunt down those triggers that in the past would lead to negative emotions and us NOT doing the task we wanted to.

Intentionally activating your strengths during those times and CHOOSING how you want to be and what you want to do instead will wire your strengths into those tasks so that when one happens, so does the other !

Then, activate your natural power even more:

  • What are those tasks that would make a real difference in your business – IF you did them regularly? Like reaching out to a new referral partner?!
  • What is the story you tell yourself that results in you putting off doing them?
  • What story is true – or truer than true that results in you feeling great and motivated about that task?
  • What strength can you activate to create a state of confidence that will reinforce that positive action or behaviour?
  • Mentally rehearse doing the action in that new state.
  • Repeat until you notice a definite state of Confident and Bold!

Day 4 - Anchor Strengths to Tasks

Here is that homework! LINK HERE

I am here for your transformation, let me know if one-on-one work would make this even more powerful. Book Now

Transform your tasks into motivation!

Yesterday you unpacked those old triggers in a treasure hunt to look for ways to turn the trigger on it’s butt and make it lead to your brilliance.
I am going to add a video this weekend that dives into some more advanced work on triggers – I can’t resist.

Today – we anchor those strengths to the actions lead to your vision. Bold action is not about a huge dramatic spurt of action. 
Success is a series of small wins – the accumulation of tiny actions that over time logically take you to your goal.
And in some ways that is harder that the big dramatic push isn’t it. It takes real grit to commit to daily actions over the long term.

Let’s get you equipped to make that happen. (there are so many ripples of benefit when you have this going for you!)

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
― Robert Collier

Be ready to play today. Your unconscious mind knows exactly how to do this – even if your conscious mind fights you and wonders if you are doing it wrong!

Just follow the steps and activate those Tiny Tasks that are the building blocks of solid success.


Day 5 - Your Magic Ritual

Download the worksheet HERE.

Reach out if you need ANY help activating your magic.

Day 5!!!! Magic Ritual Day.

What have we done so far?

  • Stepped out of negativity and tactics and busywork
  • Stepped into your core strengths
  • Identify 3 daily Tiny Tasks that will automagically create your business vision
  • Committed to making them Non-Negotiable
  • Powered up those Tiny Tasks with the feeling of success so they are super desirable

Today – Own the Day
The Magic Ritual that proactively, positively reminds you that you are Confident & Bold, that you are Strong, that you are the creator of your reality.
Start the day in possibility and intention instead of necessity and anxiety.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”
― Jim Rohn

Today we bring more of your power to the forefront.
With a magic ritual that activates your strengths and runs them in the background all day long.
This opens your awareness, adds poise and flexibility and energize your day/life.

(and very very fast)

Day 6 - Identity Work

Choose to focus on living into your best self:
Watch the video first and then download the worksheet HERE.

Today we add an exponential layer to your intentional Confident & Bold transformation: higher order change.
If you have ever said to yourself – “sigh, that’s just the way I am,” then today is going to shake that out and knock your socks off.

Remember that above your Beliefs is your Identity – who you choose to become. Yes, choose!
Personality is all surface expression – it is malleable and changeable and springs from your identity.

A growth mindset helps you realize that your identity is malleable and subject to intention as well – your identity is always changing and that you have a role in your identity evolution.

Remember that above your Beliefs is your Identity – who you choose to become.
Personality is all surface expression – it is malleable and changeable and springs from your identity.

A growth mindset helps you realize that your identity is always changing and that you have a role in your identity evolution.

Simple tools put that control in the palm of your hand!

“You are constantly creating results in your life, whether by design or default.”
― Mary Morrisey

Day 7 - Future Self Work

Choose to focus on living into your Future self:
Watch the video first and then download the worksheet HERE.

And today is the day to book your complimentary Deep Strategy Coaching Session! 

On the quantum level we recognize that the future is an array of possibilities – nothing is locked in.
From these particles of possibility, we create our future through our choices, our focus; we literally speak our reality into being.

Today we go into that quantum realm – step out of assumptions and into the future. Your future. And, allow the future to ripple backwards into today.
As you prepare to do the uncommon, break out of status quo – think beyond what common sense would allow.

Let’s do this!

“Without a future self, you don’t know who you are today. It doesn’t matter who you are if you don’t know who you plan to be.”
~ Benjamin Hardy

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