Take Permission

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Take Permission

If you have always found it to be a struggle in your business to be in a positive state, to feel confident, to wrap yourself in calm and poise, COVID may have hit you especially hard. The uncertainty inflicted by the shutdowns, and restrictions of this pandemic can multiply your already stressed psyche.

I work with entrepreneurs to reprogram old (and new) baggage, clear out anxiety, feel and act with courage and creativity and TAKE PERMISSION to be Bold and Brilliant. To be the starring role in their own life.

This shows up as:

  • hesitancy around a new marketing idea
  • boring blog topics
  • sticking with status quo
  • seeking approval first
  • easily being talked out of a brilliant and bold idea

Old Programming

If you were raised in a less than empowering circumstance, you come to this high-stress and risky world of business predisposed to some challenging habits and beliefs.

I swear Brain Re-programming 101 should be a required course in your first year of college or university. In fact, understanding who you are, how your brain works and what your unique strengths are, should be taught starting in grade 5 health class.

Waiting for permission is so ingrained in our society. This can reinforce what you learned at home – figure out the rules and follow them religiously in order to survive.

Your Life Needs Better Writers

If this has been you, hesitating, doubting, waiting to succeed – then your life needs better writers. Have you ever thought that? I remember coming out of a “feel-good” movie one evening, filled with admiration for the protagonist and how he had overcome odds, fought forward with determination and grit and achieved amazing impact and connection and change. And that was my thought – “My life needs better writers!!”

This was before I discovered that it was both true and possible. When you uncover that invisible script that is running your life and holding you back, it is simple and very, very fast to create powerful new results. To change the plot, the genre, the story arc.

We come into this world almost as blank slates. Our beliefs, rules, habits and programming are created for us – even our religion, our values are all installed by someone else. And even if they had the best intentions, if your life – if you – are not bold and brilliant… it is time for some editing.

Here is an objection that comes up – “Wouldn’t that be fake?”

Your life is already imaginary. It was written by someone else. And all those things you thing are deficient or broken in you? Fake.

Take permission to step back, slow down, become objective.

If your life was that feel good movie, what would the next scene be? Are you already in the climax and ready to pivot, to discover your own determination and grit? Is there an amazing impact you yearn to create in your business? In your family? In your community?

Imagine that you are a screen writer. Map out your story arc until now.

What did you care about as a child? Who did you want to become? Who did you admire? Who had the biggest impact on you?

How about as a teenager?

As a young adult?

Map this out as a story board in your movie.

Now note the specific frame of the movie that you are standing in right now. Notice that, as a great writer, as an empowered writer, you can take this into any direction you want. The limits are imaginary…

You are about to power into the next scene as the main character. The protagonist of your life. (Notice how, as the main character, you already stand differently, carry yourself with determination, are filled with energy and purpose.)

From this place of possibility, what would be the next powerful move? Where are you going to take this movie? What title would you give to the next scene?

Is there someone you would like to add to the movie that will power up your courage, community or collaboration?

Now step into your new movie, your new future, imagine moving through the full script to 3 years out – the end is just the beginning, right?! Notice the decisions you make, the actions you take as the business owner you are becoming as you take intentional control over your story.

Notice how you embrace Bold & Brilliant. How you stand out. What you stand for.

Really immerse yourself in the action – seeing through your own eyes, hearing what you hear and feeling the feelings of this Bold & Brilliant life. Fill with the confidence, inspiration, excitement and energy of this brave and confident you. The you that strives for impact. Who sees possibility and potential and 10x goals and takes action. Who collaborates and communicates in powerful ways.

As you come back to today, take some time to make notes – what single, simple, fun action will pull you toward that powerful future? Book it into your calendar… right… now!

Take Permission to Succeed.

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